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New Product Launch 

Albany Unveils Latest Interior Roll Up Door 

The newest addition to the Albany line-up is the RR200 UltraSeal - a high speed, high performance roll up door that provides fast, smooth operation while reducing the need for maintenance. The slim design and tight seal make this commercial roll up door ideal for interior applications where space is limited.

Optimize production processes with this door’s efficient opening and closing speeds and patented low friction gravity-driven technology. The door also features a patented bead design that creates a superior seal and minimizes dirt and contaminants in interior areas.

Improve Energy Savings & Production Process

This flexible interior roll up door provides significant energy savings and improved climate control. Fast speeds and a tight seal limits air exchange between environments to allow for better operations.

Move materials faster while improving your public and warehouse spaces with this slim high-performance door.  The door’s rapid cycle saves time and helps optimize your production process and traffic flow.

Yellow RR200 UltraSeal high performance door.
Blue RR200 UltraSeal high speed door.

Designed with Safety in Mind

This slim interior roll up door incorporates vital features to help make it one of the safest doors in the industry. It’s equipped with:

  • Re-insertion technology for when accidental impact occurs. If the door’s hit, just open and close it, and the curtain will automatically reinsert itself into the side guides.
  • Infrared photo-eyes that reverse the door if an obstruction is detected.
  • Soft bottom door curtain to help increase safety for people and products.

Stainless Steel Option for Sanitation

The RR200 UltraSeal also has the option for stainless steel, which is engineered to provide efficient environment separation where space is minimal and sanitation is critical. The stainless steel roll up door is easy to clean and maintain, making it ideal for food processing facilities and cleanroom environments.

The RR200 UltraSeal is available from authorized Albany dealers in North America. To learn more, contact us for additional info.

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