RapidProtect™ 300 doors

RapidProtect 300 High Speed Doors


Albany RapidProtect 300 machine protection doors are high speed safety doors designed for automated processes and production lines. Built with a minimal number of parts these rugged machine guarding doors are reliable, easy to install and low maintenance. Albany RapidProtect 300MP machine protection doors give protection to workers in machine danger zones. These roll up safety doors are resistant to windload and direct pressure allowing them to be installed a short distance from the machine. Fast opening and closing cycle times increase product flow and productivity.

Product Features

Side Frames

Easy Access and Maintenance

Two piece aluminum side frames offer easy access during maintenance and inspection. Window areas allow easy monitoring of integrated safety limit switches.

Motor Cover

Add Protection

Aluminum top roll covers and gray painted steel motor covers add a layer of protection that keep workers safe and door components from damage.

Control Panel


Depending on the applications Albany offers two controllers, the ACS 50 and the MCC VectorControl. Both controllers offer a wide range of speeds, power supplies and options for safety device integration. We also can deliver the door without a control system.

Safety Features

Reversing Edge and Photocells

The bottom bar comes standard with a soft touch electric reversing edge. The side frames have inline photocells that automatically reverse the door panel when an object is detected in the doorway. Optional pre-running photocell is available with the MCC VectorControl panel.

Motor Positioning

Flexible Positioning

The gear motor and drop down safety gearbox can be mounted on the left or right side of the door. The motor can tilt in 45° increments for easy positioning and installation. Standard placement is vertical.

Door Panel

Custom Door Panels

The RapidProtect 300 has a variety of door panels to fit your specific needs. For welding systems we suggest RollTex® or NomaTex® material to protect against sparks. Contact an Albany machine protection specialist for assistance. Optional anti-UV welding windows also are available.

Windows (Optional)

Optional windows are available to safely monitor material flow and process operations.

Floor Mounting Brackets(Optional)

Self Supporting

The door can be mounted directly to the floor with optional mounting brackets. Leveling screws allow the door to be leveled on uneven surfaces.

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